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Building a Dream, While Building Green


New Green Home Building By Capital Home Builders - CHB Eco Custom  Homes

South Georgia First Eco Custom Green Home Builders
Understanding the value of owning an Eco Green Home
We all know that an individual that truly understands the value and attributes of owning a green home is passionate! At CHB Custom Homes, they also know that the educated consumer will likely be the next green home buyer. They will settle for nothing less then the best for what their money can buy and pay for features that will save them money in the long run and invest in a property that will appraise higher then standard or spec homes. An important part of my mission is to deliver clear, concise information; educate buyers on how to help them take steps in keeping themselves, and their environment healthy.
Energy savings & lower utility Bills
Because of increased water and energy efficiency levels homeowners have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars over the life of their home. Given the astronomical rise in fuel prices in the past few years, it is no surprise that energy efficiency is the top reason consumers choose green enhancements these days.

More Comfortable
A certified green home is a more comfortable home. It has been carefully  constructed and well insulated so it does not overheat in the summer or feel cold in the winter. Avoiding the multiple A/C units.

Creating A better Future
Finally, reason why one may choose green enhancements is less practical and more philosophical: One may want to leave the smallest footprint we can on the planet. One can also take pride in the fact that from energy and water efficiency to healthy sustainable products and recycled materials and one home can substantially reduce its impact on the environment.

Green homes feature superior indoor air quality and fewer building products and materials that may undermine our health. Chemical pollutants and mold are reduced. Good ventilation helps keep the air fresh.

Peace Of Mind
Green certified homes are renovated and constructed with the environment in mind. From energy and water efficiency to reduced construction waste and the use of renewable materials.

Greater Value
A certified green home provides more for your money, are built to last, with quality design and construction that holds up over time. These homes cost less to live in and maintain because they are built to be energy efficient and durable.

Repairing The World
The deeper benefits of going green may be less obvious. Using a low flush toilet or energy saving CFL light bulb may not save the world but it is a small step in the right direction. We may think of ourselves as trustees of the planet for the sake of future generations.

Improving The Environment
Making your home more green reduces your green house gas emissions. It also contributes to healing the natural environment.
Green Tops
Considering greening your roof and applying their benefits? Well there are several roofs you may consider. For example, the solar panels have come a long way from those big panels with complex mountings and ugly look. Solar panels today are so slick easy to install and beautiful that they are becoming popular in areas of the country where the local power company is providing homeowners with incentives & credits to offset their cost. In some cities power companies are providing net-zero meters. Want to learn more visit Whitco - green roofing.

Green Building Materials for New Homes

What is a green building material? The green marketing we are usually exposed to relates to reducing consumer waste. We have all been taught that recyclable materials are preferable to products that will wind up in a landfill after they are thrown away. But what about something you don't plan on throwing away? With increased focus on the environmental impact of building materials, your new home can be green from the inside out.
In environmental terms, a commonly used synonym for green is sustainable. To be considered sustainable, building materials must be resource efficient, energy efficient, and affordable.
Resource efficiency is a way of evaluating the origin of a building material. If the material is produced responsibly and implemented efficiently, this contributes to the sustainability of the house it is used in. Home insulation may contain recycled industrial content. Wood used in the frame of a house might come from a certified sustainably-managed forest. Kitchen tile could come from a company participating in a resource-efficient manufacturing program designed to reduce waste and harmful emissions.
It may be important not only how a material is made, but also where it is made. Locally available materials are considered more resource-efficient because energy is conserved in transporting them to the eventual building site. All aspects of the material's use are considered when evaluating resource-efficiency.
The concept of energy efficient materials is familiar to most consumers. Proper insulation, efficient heating and air systems, and extras such as storm windows are popular ways to keep utility bills in check. Sustainable building introduces some additional issues.
Human energy is valued along with electrical energy. Many building materials release chemicals into the air over long periods of time, and this can affect the long-term air quality of the interior of a home. Sustainable building materials are low-toxic or non-toxic to begin with, and feature minimal chemical emissions. Low odor paint is becoming more popular, and non-toxic sealants are becoming common for flooring. This is believed to increase the quality of health in the home environment, a way of conserving energy for the people living there.
Affordability is also a consideration in sustainable building. The 'life-cycle cost' of a material is measured by considering the initial cost combined with the cost of replacing that material if it wears out. Materials that are durable are considered more sustainable because they reduce the effort as well as the resources necessary for repair or replacement. Newer, environment-friendly light bulbs are noticeably more expensive than traditional bulbs, but they last several times longer. The money saved on replacement bulbs and the energy saved by not climbing on a chair to replace them every few months makes them more affordable in terms of sustainability.
Green materials are catching on rapidly. Suppliers of materials are working hard to associate their own brand names with this trend. It is already common to see advertising related to eco-friendly features in new homes and condos. What was previously considered a niche market has rapidly taken over the mainstream.
CHB Eco Custom Homes
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