Should You Use a Buyer’s Agent: An exclusive buyer’s agent differs from other real estate agents in that they don’t represent sellers. Only work with buyers. Nowadays, with many homebuyers starting their search on the Internet, it’s common for buyers to pick up the phone and call the agent who is listing the home that they want to see. But is this a good idea? Buyers’ agents argue that it’s not and say this method could end up costing buyers money. As the only buyers agent in South Georgia I can help you acquire the key to your new South Georgia home.

The real estate agent listed as a point of contact for a house on the multiple listing service (or MLS) is called the listing agent. This person has entered into a contract with the seller to market the house and serve as the seller’s consultant throughout the sales process.  A listing agent has an established relationship with the seller, which is why buyers’ agents encourage buyers to find someone to represent them in a home purchase. A listing agent is interested in getting the best offer for his or her client — an offer on which a listing agent’s commission is based. Obviously, it’s in the listing agent’s best interest to sell the house and in their financial interest to sell it at the best price.

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